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Reviews from the Category Network-and-Internet

Review Screenshot - Slow, steady, and rather pointless
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Aug 29, 2017
Slow, steady, and rather pointless
It's the current year. Looking back in time to the first attempts at Internet peer-to-peer file sharing systems like the old Napster or eDonkey, we can only marvel at the grandiose advancement that BitTorrent represents. And using Shareaza will make you appreciate torrents even more. Don't get... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Would you like some episode titles with your torrent file, sir?
Editor's rating:
Version: 4.7.9 | Reviewed on Aug 28, 2017
Would you like some episode titles with your torrent file, sir?
TV show bingers and BitTorrent aficionados will love this one. Filebot is a godsend when you're dealing with poorly titled video files, missing subtitles or both. Filebot works in close conjunctions with a couple of sites, one of which is Creating an account on OpenSubtitles... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Torrent alternative for lazy bums
Editor's rating:
Version: 3.3.14 | Reviewed on Aug 25, 2017
Torrent alternative for lazy bums
Traditionally, a BitTorrent user would need to have two things: a BitTorrent client and a favorite torrent site. The latter are beginning to phase out, as more clients tend to feature their own search engines. qBittorrent is such a client. At a glance, qBittorrent has a very friendly interface.... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Classic or Modern?
Editor's rating:
Version: 5.9.6 | Reviewed on Aug 24, 2017
Classic or Modern?
While still looking for an alternative to FileZilla, WinSCP appeared to be shinier. Of course, you can't have much to improve when the main function is to transfer files, but some small features may go a long way in helping you accomplish this with ease. WinSCP greets you with the option of... Read full review

Review Screenshot - What? A Kaiju?!
Editor's rating:
Version: 3.17 | Reviewed on Aug 03, 2017
What? A Kaiju?!
There are plenty of options to choose from when you want to connect to a FTP server. Your browser can do it, your file manager can do it. Heck, even your grandma can do it nowadays. But in case file transfers aren't just something you do once per year, you might need some extra support and... Read full review

Review Screenshot - A cozy hub
Editor's rating:
Version: 2.1.6 | Reviewed on Jul 21, 2017
A cozy hub
There's something about IRC that I find endearing. Maybe it's because of anonymity, or maybe because it represents one of my first encounters with the Internet. ASL PLS and all that. Ares however is not about chatting, but about file sharing. Well, maybe it's both. Here we mainly have a... Read full review

Review Screenshot - The IP Camera Viewer You Have Been Waiting For
Editor's rating:
Version: 4.4.2 | Reviewed on Apr 13, 2017
The IP Camera Viewer You Have Been Waiting For
VXG RTSP Player (IP Camera) is a nice app which gives you the opportunity to view and record the surveillance footage captured by your IP cameras using your Smartphone. If you are looking for an app that can enable you to catch the live feed coming from your IP cameras or surveillance system on... Read full review

Review Screenshot - The Ultimate Experience
Editor's rating:
Version: 44.0 | Reviewed on Apr 05, 2017
The Ultimate Experience
Opera is back. And is more alluring than ever. In the current sociopolitical climate the vikings at Opera ASA have thought out a wonderful solution for those who need to keep their convictions as private as possible. It's called Free VPN! Not only that, but the new Opera also comes with... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Empty
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Mar 29, 2017
I am sorry to disappoint, but there absolutely nothing to report here. Nothing except that this obscure app seems to refuse to work. The original description suggests that Biometric Fingerprint Attendance System is a graphical user interface to be used with biometric scanning tools. Which... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Tired of plug-ins?
Editor's rating:
Version: 2.5.1 | Reviewed on Feb 20, 2017
Tired of plug-ins?
Downloading videos off the web has been an occupation as old as online video has existed. I remember the olden days when Flash Video was ubiquitous. I felt really smart when I realized I could retrieve video files from my browser cache folder. A simple sorting and a search for a sizable file was... Read full review

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