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Reviews from the Category Network-and-Internet

Review Screenshot - The IP Camera Viewer You Have Been Waiting For
Editor's rating:
Version: 4.4.2 | Reviewed on Apr 13, 2017
The IP Camera Viewer You Have Been Waiting For
VXG RTSP Player (IP Camera) is a nice app which gives you the opportunity to view and record the surveillance footage captured by your IP cameras using your Smartphone. If you are looking for an app that can enable you to catch the live feed coming from your IP cameras or surveillance system on... Read full review

Review Screenshot - The Ultimate Experience
Editor's rating:
Version: 44.0 | Reviewed on Apr 05, 2017
The Ultimate Experience
Opera is back. And is more alluring than ever. In the current sociopolitical climate the vikings at Opera ASA have thought out a wonderful solution for those who need to keep their convictions as private as possible. It's called Free VPN! Not only that, but the new Opera also comes with... Read full review

Review Screenshot - A Treat for Christians All Over the World
Editor's rating:
Version: 2.0 | Reviewed on Apr 04, 2017
A Treat for Christians All Over the World
Methodist Hymns (ZA) is a religious app which offers you the chance to read Methodist hymns on your Smartphone while you are on the move even if you don't have a working internet connection. If you are a member of an African Methodist church or even a devout Christian who loves reading hymns in... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Empty
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Mar 29, 2017
I am sorry to disappoint, but there absolutely nothing to report here. Nothing except that this obscure app seems to refuse to work. The original description suggests that Biometric Fingerprint Attendance System is a graphical user interface to be used with biometric scanning tools. Which... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Tired of plug-ins?
Editor's rating:
Version: 2.5.1 | Reviewed on Feb 20, 2017
Tired of plug-ins?
Downloading videos off the web has been an occupation as old as online video has existed. I remember the olden days when Flash Video was ubiquitous. I felt really smart when I realized I could retrieve video files from my browser cache folder. A simple sorting and a search for a sizable file was... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Best Cat Action Game Ever!
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.5.3 | Reviewed on Feb 17, 2017
Best Cat Action Game Ever!
The Battle Cats is an excellent action cat game that gives you the chance to wage war with your army of cats against enemies in order to come out on top. It is an addictive game that is sure to keep you hooked for hours on end. I had an enormous amount of fun playing this amazing cat game. The... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Clean Slate
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Feb 10, 2017
Clean Slate
It's ea$y when every font in the 'verse has a special character to accommodate your currency symbol. The Dollar sign is ubiquitous, the Euro sign is often printed on keyboards in Europe, but what if you want to use others? While I'm sure that most other scripts (not Roman) include characters for... Read full review

Review Screenshot - There's no phantom here
Editor's rating:
Version: 38.0 | Reviewed on Jan 02, 2017
There's no phantom here
Although you do not need to wear a tie in order to browse with Opera, using such a fine software program requires a certain degree of respect. Whether you're using the Opera Turbo feature or enjoying the Discover mode, you must be appreciating it. Its noble interface and varied content will... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Picky and lacking
Editor's rating:
Version: 0.0.1 | Reviewed on Dec 13, 2016
Picky and lacking
Sometimes, developers make the weirdest choices. Today we look at a browser add-on/extension that supposedly picks up torrent files just as you download them and connects to their trackers just like your favorite torrent client does. I say "supposedly" because ZTorrent is very picky when it... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Universal Converter
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Dec 09, 2016
Universal Converter
Here we have a media converter. Just like in the old days when you would turn in VHS tapes for DVD's, you can now switch from QuickTime to Matroshka, from AVI to MKV and from SWF to GIF if your heart so desires. But wait, there's more! Switchin' sides Format Factory can read a considerable... Read full review

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