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Reviews from the Category Graphic-Apps

Review Screenshot - Counterproductive nostalgia
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.5 | Reviewed on Feb 01, 2017
Counterproductive nostalgia
Feeling nostalgic? Have the visual upgrades that started with Windows 7 rubbed you the wrong way? I personally can attest to that. When I saw the (then) new button arrangements in the MS Office suite, I raised a brow then proceeded to curse every time I did not find a button. Why would they hide... Read full review

Review Screenshot - The edge you need
Editor's rating:
Version: 3.7 | Reviewed on Jan 04, 2017
The edge you need
There are times when you just need a bit more than MS Paint to edit a picture. You don't want to go all out Photoshop and you don't have time to figure out how Gimp works. Frankly speaking, fixing colors a bit, redrawing dimensions and arranging pictures on a page should not require a full image... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Content may vary
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.19 | Reviewed on Dec 21, 2016
Content may vary
Don't know how to create a collage of Christmas photos? Just pick an app that does it. Here we have Pic Frames , one of dozens of options out there. Pic Frames has a workflow style operation mode. You first pick the layout that you want, carefully taking into account the number of pictures that... Read full review

Review Screenshot - A touch up
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.1 | Reviewed on Dec 16, 2016
A touch up
The world cannot have enough free photo editors. There's always a feature missing here or there. Well, if you were thinking this was it, then I'm sorry to burst your bubble. No application is perfect, but some are pretty good.Anyway this one does a good job at retouching and applying effects.... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Not another image viewer
Editor's rating:
Version: 5.3 | Reviewed on Dec 05, 2016
Not another image viewer
Sometimes, you want to have all sorts of editing tools in one package. Yes, there's Photoshop and Illustrator but for the regular user, there's only the need for touch ups and batch editing. There are quite a few programs that deal with this need. Here's one of them. Selective editing... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Your picture collection on steroids
Editor's rating:
Version: 3.9 | Reviewed on Dec 05, 2016
Your picture collection on steroids
Having lots of pictures on your hard drive can get problematic at some point. With the advent of digital photography, people no longer have the care they once had when cameras were holding 24 shot film rolls. Imagine, there was a time when you actually had to take care how many pictures you... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Record & Forget
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Dec 01, 2016
Record & Forget
If you want to record your great video game feats or simply want to capture a live web streaming, then you have probably figured by now that you need some sort of video recording software. If you're not the professional type, then you'll need something easy to use and master that can adapt even... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Corel is keeping up!
Editor's rating:
Version: 8 | Reviewed on Nov 25, 2016
Corel is keeping up!
A vector graphics package has usually been an expensive deal. Not everybody would be happy to discard hundreds of dollars for the chance to play with lines and nodes. While Adobe has implemented a subscription system which has made its suites more accessible, some people argued that a... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Artistic transparency
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Nov 24, 2016
Artistic transparency
To all the technophiles of the world, the word Instagram is equivalent to photo sharing. Yet to the more pretentious kind, some other synonyms exist. One of these is the word Picsart. Contrary to what the title implies, Picsart Photo Studio is actually more about sharing than editing photos.... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Modern doodling
Editor's rating:
Version: 3D | Reviewed on Nov 17, 2016
Modern doodling
Kids are naturally curious. Some grown-ups are too, but that is a rarer occurrence in our time. Anyway, as soon as a child sees what wonderful creations you can make in your CAD application, there's only reasonable to find a way to allow the young ling to experiment with digital art creation.... Read full review