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Reviews from the Category Education

Review Screenshot - Quick Translations
Editor's rating:
Version: 3.00 | Reviewed on Jan 17, 2017
Quick Translations
Once I've installed this app, I was curious to check what the word Satya means in Hindu. I knew what it meant in Sanskrit so I thought I'd check out how this modern language uses it. You see, I knew that many Christians associate Yoga practices with the devil, and I found it interesting that the... Read full review

Review Screenshot - World Preview
Editor's rating:
Version: 7.1.2 | Reviewed on Dec 04, 2016
World Preview
The internet is the window to the world. You can explore any subject and retrieve whatever articles, pictures or videos interest you. Still, when you just want to explore the world at your leisure and discover new and interesting stuff, the search engine is a bit bland. You seldom get the... Read full review

Review Screenshot - CC in review
Editor's rating:
Version: 2.3.1 | Reviewed on Nov 17, 2016
CC in review
As an American parent, you should have heard by now that a set of guidelines has been established in order for your kid to be as dumbed down as possible once it comes out of the education assembly line. It's called Common Core and has sparked some serious debate. But who cares, right? Let these... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Learn the basics
Editor's rating:
Version: 2.0.6 | Reviewed on Nov 16, 2016
Learn the basics
Mathematics may not be reality, but can describe reality quite successfully. Hence, that's why we wound our younglings to be able to count, add, subtract, multiply and divide. But most important of all, we need them to be able to calculate Earth curvature... since there's none. Kids Math... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Pretty with problems
Editor's rating:
Version: 16.4.9 | Reviewed on Nov 15, 2016
Pretty with problems
Sygic is one of those select GPS apps that help you navigate even when you're offline. Being quite pretty to look at, Sygic GPS and Maps offers free navigational maps complete with POI and 3D imagery. Navigating through a metropolis is enhanced by transparent buildings that emulate your current... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Foreign chirps
Editor's rating:
Version: | Reviewed on Jul 05, 2016
Foreign chirps
Duolingo has been inhabiting the space of one of my Android tablets (yes, I have more than one) for some time now. I initially installed it out of curiosity. I then started exploring the Dutch course and got up to about 9 lessons. I must say that for a free app, it is mighty impressive. The... Read full review

Review Screenshot - A helping hand
Editor's rating:
Version: 1.8.7 | Reviewed on Sep 19, 2014
A helping hand
What is the best thing you can hope for when studying for a general knowledge and current affairs exam? I mean the best thing besides a Ganesha intervention. Generally speaking, divine interventions are seldom these days and not a good bet overall. Therefore it is probably wiser to hope for a GK... Read full review

Review Screenshot - Peak Explorer review
Editor's rating:
Version: 2.11 | Reviewed on Jan 01, 2013
Peak Explorer review
The Peak Explorer application is an automatic spectra processing tool. It can represent multiple plot types with strong peak representation. It can also represent Gaussian function related graphs. It can also determine the position of the peak automatically and draw a line between different... Read full review